The Hallivis Brothers are a Los Angeles based director/producer duo that is comprised of two actual blood-related Mexican brothers that have been living in the United States (legally) for over 15 years. Julio Hallivis is a Producer with a strong background in the advertising world and film distribution. Diego Hallivis (the better looking one) is a Director with a post-production and VFX background that helped him jump into directing at a young age. The Hallivis Brothers’ first film “Game Time” was distributed by Lionsgate; their film concept “Shifter” went viral online which got them a lot of attention and buzz in the industry. Their recent project “The Laughing Man” explores a violent and gory take on the early years of the comic book character, The Joker, and it also helped them finance their second feature film “Curvature” which is currently in post production, scheduled to be released in 2017.
Both Julio and Diego work together on every step of all of their projects from the beginning stages of development until it reaches its final point of awesomeness.

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